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We are now offering a universal router base for use with the schmitt32.   YOU drill the mounting holes or slots to fit Your brand and model of plunge router.  The base is exactly like the three pre-drilled and slotted bases we offer, except that it will not have the holes and slots needed to mount it to your router.  

For your router to work with our generic base, it needs to have a flat front no more than about 2-1/4 inches in front of the bit center. 

We provide a printed card template that may help you locate the needed holes for mounting to your router.  Most routers, after removing the plastic shoe, have a cast metal base with a number of threaded holes in the bottom.  These usually are tapped for M4-.7, M5-.8, or M6-1 screws.  You may be able to use the same screws that held the plastic shoe, or obtain the needed screws in the metric fastener section of your local hardware seller.  I keep some screws in stock and may be able to supply the correct screws at no charge if you can give me the specs.

After choosing the holes you want to use for mounting the base, mark those on the card template then transfer them to the S32 base.   

NOTE:  You may want to varify these hole locations by making a dummy base from heavy card stock or other expendable material. 

Now drill the holes through both the white plastic shoe and the metal.  Remove the plastic shoe and drill oversize holes in it to allow some movement of the screw heads.  Reattach the plastic to the metal base and mount the whole thing to the router.

You now can test to see if you can set the 37mm distance from first column of holes to front edge of panel.  You may need to elongate the holes with a small round file, available at craft or hobby stores, or you may be able to use a ROTO ZIP type tool to do this work.