42"(1067mm) 32mm Line Boring System Frame with Notched Guide Rail
Closeup of the 42" Schmitt32 32mm Line Drilling System
Closeup of the 42" Schmitt32 32mm Line Drilling System
42"(1067mm) 32mm Line Boring System with Router Base
66"(1677mm) Schmitt32 32mm Line Drilling System with Cabinet Panel in Position
Closeup of Schmitt32 Line Boring System Notched Guide Rail and Router Base with Makita RT701 Plunge Router
Top of Schmitt32 32mm Line Boring System Router Base Designed to Fit Festool OF1010 Plunge Router
Schmitt32 Line Boring System Router Bases for Festool OF1010, Makita RT701 and Dewalt DW621 Plunge Routers
Home built jig to permit end drilling for box construction using dowels or confirmat screws.


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Due to a key extrusion being unavailable, we are currently not able to produce any of the 3 "New Systems" shown here.   

After much consideration, we have decided to discontinue production of the Schmitt32 systems.    

We do still have some accessories available to sell.  

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

If anyone is interested, This business is for sale.

Art Schmitt  10 Nov 22



Remember to include in your order, any needed bits and bushings.  See Accessories.

With our 32mm line boring systems you can quickly and accurately install:

  • Drawer Slides
  • Hinges  (mounting plates and hinge cups)
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Door Handles
  • Other 32mm Hardware and Accessories

For details on GENERIC BASE, go to accessories and click Generic base.

Using a home built jig, you can also use the systems for end drilling as in dowel construction, or use of confirmat screws.  see you tube videos.  Click on links below.

32mm hardware, line drilling, dowel construction, knock down.

Frameless Cabinet1


The Schmitt32 line boring system comes with one of three available router bases designed to fit the Dewalt DW621, Festool OF1010 or Makita RT0701C/XTR01Z routers.  And we've just added a new generic undrilled base to fit other compatible routers.
System is made in USA

Router is not Included.

Note:  The vacuum hose adapter made by Makita is not compatible with our system.


All of our 32mm line boring systems are designed for fast and accurate location and drilling of holes in the side panels of frameless cabinets used for hinge, drawer slide and adjustable shelf installation.  Our systems can be used to drill for most 32mm compatible hardware accessories, for various knockdown assembly fittings, for Confirmat screws and dowel assembly, and even hinge cup drilling.

The new generation of our patented 32mm line drilling system offers 3 size options.  The smallest system accepts a max panel height  of 42" (1067mm), 2 inches longer than the previous type AM mini.  The two larger systems accept 66 inch (1677mm) or 96 inch (2439mm) max height panels.  Both left and right cabinet side panels of up to one half max height can be loaded at the same time. 

The "AM" stands for ALL METAL.  With these new models, the fixture frame is constructed of 6061 structural aluminum channel.  The new 42", 66", and 96" models all feature a more rigid 5" wide notched guide rail and a precision machined cam pin for adjusting the alignment of the notched guide rail parallel to the fence. 

These new models come with one of three router base options which are made to  fit the Dewalt DW621, the Festool OF1010 or the Makita 195563-0 plunge base (RTO701 & similar).  The straight line adjustment slots for the base mounting screws allow about 4mm plus or minus from the standard 37mm front column position.  We are now also  offering an undrilled / unslotted base which the customer could machine to fit other compatible router models.  (front of router base must not be more than about 2-3/16 inches in front of the drill centerline.)

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