Two Effective Drill Systems to Choose From


Schmitt32 Mini (Classic)

Photo of Schmitt32 Mini Classic Line Drill System


The SCHMITT32 MINI Line Drill System

Quickly and accurately locates and drills all the 5mm holes necessary for the precise installation of concealed Euro style hinges, drawer slides, (side mount or undermount type), and shelf support pins.

The system is natural for modern frameless style cabinets with narrow gaps between doors and drawer fronts and for the wider reveal 1/2 overlay style.   The MINI even works on certain face frame cabinet configurations.

The plunge router is not included.  

“Use with…Dewalt mod 621 2 hp plunge rounter.” (Recommended)

“Sears mod 27683 plunge router.”

“Master Force mod 2410836 plunge router, sold by Mendards”

Schmitt32 All Metal (AM)

Metal Line Drill System By Schmitt Woodworking, LLC

The SCHMITT32 All Metal Line Drill System

The Schmitt32 All Metal is the newest model of the Schmitt32linedrill system.  The TYPE AM fixture provides one more hole position in each column, it has more precise and durable end stop bolts, and it can be disassembled for shipping in smaller lighter packaging.

The pivoting metal router base attachment provides more adjust ability of front to back position, and its slotted holes provide an easy and more secure set up.

The plunge router is not included.  

“The type AM metal router base attachment fits only the Dewalt mod 621 2 hp plunge router.”

System Operation Details

BOTH THE SCHMITT32 MINI CLASSIC, AND THE SCHMITT32 ALL METAL, use a plunge router with a 5mm brad point carbide tipped drill bit and an adaptor bushing to fit the 1/2 inch chuck.

The fixture with its front alignment fence and end stops locates cabinet panels. The plunge router with base attachment pressed against the repositionable guide rail, and its ratchet pawls engaged with the numbered notches, can accurately drill clean and precise holes located in a square 32mm grid pattern starting at 37mm (industry standard) from the front edge of a panel and 64mm down from the top edge. The maximum panel size is 30 X 40 inches (762 x 1,000mm) (drilling longer panels requires use of a simple home built jig). This entire grid pattern or any one hole or row of holes can be moved any where over the surface of the panel by use of shop made spacer blocks placed between front fence or the end stops.

Usually most of the possible hole locations are not needed. You drill only those holes needed for hinge placement, drawer hardware placement and alignment, and adjustable shelves.

The router base allows a small front to back adjustment of the columns of holes so that the placement of hinge plates and drawer slides can be moved slightly closer or farther from the cabinet front edge if desired. The top row of holes is typically calibrated by a one time adjustment of the end stops to 64mm from cabinet top edge to hole center. These adjustments usually need to be made only once when doing the initial set up of the system.

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