I was strictly an inch measurement, face frame guy when I started building residential furniture in my dad's basement workshop in 1971.  After a few years of working various jobs, mostly carpentry and remodeling, I saved enough to build a 1000 square foot carpentry / cabinet shop.  We continued building furniture and kitchens, construction, remodeling, and even clock repair.  We got our first taste of commercial cabinet work sub contracting in 1982, and in 83 building furnishings for 3 stores in the new mall in Wausau, Wi..  Our 1000 sq foot shop was getting a bit tight by spring of 84 so we bought an old dance hall with 4000 sq ft of wood floor upstairs and another 4000 sq ft of concrete downstairs.  


We began building frameless cabinets 30 years ago in my small commercial cabinet shop (the old dance hall).  Most typical cabinet hardware by that time (drawer slides, hinges, door pulls, and accessories) was 32mm compatible.  It was not too long before we started experimenting with Euro style hinges and drawer slides installed in holes located with various hand drilling templates.  We quickly learned that without some form of line drilling equipment, it was not worth the trouble.  We invested $3000 in a basic hinge boring and insertion machine with an optional 7 spindle line drilling head.  The hinge drilling and insertion set up worked well, but the line drilling was a lot of work to set up, required repeated plunges and a lot of handling of cabinet panels.   After several years living with that first machine, we spent another $7000 and bought a 46 spindle double line boring machine which made 32mm cabinet hardware installs a snap.   I retired and sold all my equipment in 2008.  


I converted my storage / garage building into a year round work shop in my first few months of retirement, knowing that I had a kitchen to build for a family member, ASAP.  Loving the speed, simplicity and accuracy of hardware placement on 32mm line drilled cabinet panels, I needed a system for drilling the holes accurately and quickly.   2AM lying in bed I came up with the idea for the SCHMITT32 LINE DRILLING SYSTEM.  I got up, sketched some plans and wrote notes.  Soon after, I began looking at plunge routers and eventually chose one.  I worked on the router base attachment and fixture layout and came up with a workable design.  We built the first kitchen with that prototype, then worked on improving it to make it more user friendly.  We built another kitchen and a bunch more cabinets with the improved system and realized how good a tool it really was.  I applied for and received a patent on the design. 

I continue to build cabinets in my retirement, taking advantage of some of the virtues, but not constrained by strict dictates of a so called "true 32" system.  Thinking and designing in inches, (I'm an old guy), You can build pretty much any size and shape cabinet you want and "32mm line drilling" will make it easier for you.  I know there are a lot of people out there who see the advantage to having balanced, reversible, interchangeable panels and 32mm incremental sizing of components, I've just never felt that need.


Arthur Schmitt